Being an Independent Senior

The term independent senior living usually brings to mind a senior living in a retirement community without the need for assistance with daily activities. However, being an independent senior living in a retirement community can mean so much more than just not needing help bathing in the morning. When you move into one of the […]

When someone becomes incapable of taking care of their own healthcare decisions a healthcare surrogate makes medical decisions on their behalf. It is recommended that everyone chooses a surrogate in the case that they become incapable of making decisions. Those in the early stages of dementia are especially encouraged to make a designation so they […]

Opting for Home Health Care

As we age, sometimes the comforts of home in Bon Terra are what hold us together and provide a feeling of stability in our lives. However, our homes can also be a source of stress as we become unable to care for it and ourselves. When that situation arises, it is time to consider assisted […]

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

When you have decided to start looking at assisted living facilities for your new home, Your Senior Link can help make your search easier. We have information on assisted living homes from Astor to Holly Hill and everywhere in between. Helping you find just the right new place to call home is our goal and […]